Source: Business Insider

Lennise Ng, Cofounder and CEO, Dropee

In June, B2B ecommerce platform Dropee teamed up with Malaysia’s ministry of agriculture to collaborate on the distribution of food across the country during the pandemic. The partnership was further recognition of the ambitious startup, headed by CEO and cofounder Lennise Ng.

Ng founded the company with Aizat Rahim in 2017, after the pair identified significant gaps in the wholesale food business supply chain, particularly around connectivity. Dropee acts as a one-stop online marketplace that connects suppliers and retailers by creating a space where businesses can source and sell goods more efficiently.

The platform helps Malaysia’s agricultural and fisheries businesses open additional sales channels by moving their operations online. Dropee also works with partners to help users access logistics, financing, and insurance support.

Riding the confidence of the MOA tie-up, in July Dropee raised $1.3 million in an extended seed round. Ng says the investment will be used to automate the digital onboarding process for its customers, as well as help with plans to expand Dropee into Singapore.

Ng told Business Insider, “The future of B2B trading and wholesale businesses is all about bridging the gap between the offline and online experience. During this pandemic, many businesses have sped up their digital adoption using Dropee. It is a necessary move for them – after all, necessity is the mother of innovation.”

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